Arbitter & Partner

Consulting services for corporate communication and conflict resolution

Arbitter & Partner offer communication services for private and public organisations and companies of any size across all lines of business, in Switzerland, Europe and overseas.
If appropriate and depending on the client's needs and wishes and the scope and content of the project, we will draw on the expertise of independent external partners.

We can help you boost success and secure competitive advantages!

Public relations

Comprises all measures aimed at enhancing your company's reputation within your target audience.

Media information | media contacts | media conferences

Business reports | documentation

Investor relations

Internal communication

Comprises all measures aimed at keeping your staff comprehensively informed.

Internal information events

Internal information systems

Conflict resolution

Comprises all measures aimed at establishing solutions for difficult situations and workplace conflicts.

One-on-one sessions to resolve conflicts within the organisation

Sessions with several involved parties

Mediation within the organisation and between organisations

Annette Arbitter

Annette Arbitter

Master of Science in Business Administration (M.Sc. BA)
Mediator SDM, certified by the Swiss Federation of Mediation Associations
Mediator BM®, certified by the German Federal Association Mediation Communication consultant, entrepreneur
Executive positions in the corporate communication field

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+41 61 545 99 98
+41 79 750 28 26